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Save up to 35% Hills Science Plan Puppy Food

 Thu 11 Jan 2018 by Judy

Save up to 35% Hills Science Plan Puppy Food from Monster Pet Supplies

Hill's Science Plan Puppy Food provides advanced nutrition for healthy growth, development and strong immunity. The food boasts clinically proven antioxidants with high levels of vitamin E to support a healthy immune system. It provides a precise balance of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy bone and joint development. The recipe contains highly digestible proteins and a balance of fibres to support a healthy digestive tract.  Hill's Science Plan Puppy Food contains a precise balance of vitamins and minerals for healthy development of teeth. It also contains high levels of omega-6 fatty acids help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.


science plan puppy food special offer

This special offer is brought to you by Monster Pet Supplies and ends at midnight 31st January 2018 or while stocks last.