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Which Pet Food Manufacturers do not test their products on Animals?

 Thu 04 Jan 2018 by Judy

Which Pet Food Manufacturers do not test their products on Animals?

As dog owners, we want to do the very best for our pets and that includes offering a good quality balanced diet to help maintain good health. However, what many dog owners do not realise is that some pet food manufacturers test their products on confined animals in laboratories. It's shocking isn't it? So how can you ensure that the food you give your dog has not been tested in this way? PETA has produced a comprehensive list of companies who don't test their products on animals, or contract out, or fund animal testing in the process of creating their products. Many of the brands that have signed the PETA statement of Assurance may cost a little more and sometimes be difficult to find, but the overall quality of the recipes tend to be much higher.

Almo Nature

Formed in 2000, Almo Nature produce food for cats and dogs. In fact, Almo Nature were the first ever company to produce cat and food food using ingredients fit for human consumption. Would you want to give your dog food that you wouldn't eat yourself? Almo Nature also take on an ethical approach to animal welfare and are actively involved in animal charitable work and good causes. Dry dog food is available in small sizes, starting at 400g making it easy to try out various tasty recipes before committing to buy a larger bag.

almo nature

How much does it cost? A 12kg bag of Medium Chicken & Rice has a RRP of £41.99.


Ami produce a small  range of vegan dog food as well as vegan dog bone treats and cookies for your pet to enjoy. Of course, the topic of feeding your dog on a plant-based diet only, still remains a heated topic with dog owners. However, many more humans are enjoying the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet as concerns over the quality of food production and the use of antibiotics in animals grow. It appears many more dog owners are experimenting with meat free recipes than ever before. Ami offer a  handy 100g taster pack for your dog to try.

How much does it cost? A 12.5kg bag of Vegan Dog Food costs £44.99 and is available from VeggiePets.com

Applaws Natural Cat & Dog Food

Applaws produce an exciting range of recipes for both dogs and cats. Their food is grain free. Grains can often be difficult for dogs to digest placing extra strain on the liver and kidneys. Dogs with an intolerance to grain can be susceptible to skin allergies and sensitive tummies too. The complete dry food recipe for dogs contains a whopping 80% animal protein and the carbohydrate comes from potatoes and peas making it a healthy feed. Applaws is readily available on the high street and also online.

applaws not tested on animals

How much does it cost? A 15kg bag of Small/Medium Chicken with Lamb has a RRP of £77.99

Barking Heads

It's difficult not to miss the bright and funky packaging that is synonymous with Barking Heads. But Barking Heads isn't just about the fancy packaging, what lies inside is pretty special too! Created in 2008 Barking Heads is growing rapidly in popularity due to the quality of the ingredients used and the vast range of recipes available that include food for fussy eaters and weight loss diets. The recipes contain no added flavours, colours or additives and is proudly made in the UK.

barking heads not tested on animals

How much does it cost? A 12kg bag of Tender Loving Care Chicken has a RRP of £54.99


Burns Pet Food was started in 1993 by vet John Burns. His professional knowledge means he knows exactly what our dogs require in terms of dietary requirements. Using the minimum of natural products, the range of food Burns create is hypo-allergenic, making it ideal for allergy sufferers and dogs with digestive problems. There's a recipe to suit all breeds of dogs, and the range also caters for cats and even rabbits! Burns are renowned for their friendly approach and even offer a free help line to pet owners to help them choose the right product for their pets without the pushy sales patter.

burns not tested on animals

How much does it cost? A 15kg bag of Adult Chicken & Brown Rice has a RRP of £51.02

Lily's Kitchen

What can we say about Lily's Kitchen apart from that it looks good enough to eat! Presented in beautiful packaging that is compostable and recyclable, this company cares about pets and the environment too. Quality sourced ingredients make up all of the mouth-watering and tempting recipes such as Slow Cooked Lamb Hotpot and Cottage Pie. In fact your dog could  be eating healthier than you!

lilys kitchen not tested on animals

How much does it cost? A 12kg bag of Adult Free Run Chicken & Duck Grain Free Dry Food for Dogs has a RRP of £68.99

Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt was created by Guy Blaskey in 2008 after the family dog Cookie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Cookie's vet suggested Cookie would need a total hip replacement within 3 years. With this in mind, Guy set about developing a range of dog food that would help Cookie's condition and Pooch & Mutt was born. Quality ingredients are used throughout the range and the company has received a number of awards for their food. Sadly, the range at the moment focuses just on dogs, and hopefully this will extend to cats at a later stage. Oh, and the good news is that Cookie has never required the operation for her hip dysplasia and she is still running around and enjoying life at the age of 10 years old!

pooch & Mutt not tested on animals

How much does it cost? A 10kg bag of Calm & Relaxed Grain-Free Food has a RRP of £57.99

Yarrah Organic Dog Food

Another brand making a name for itself is Yarrah Organic Dog Food. The range is small, but the quality is superb. The Chicken & Grains recipe boasts nearly 20% of organic chicken. Carbohydrates come from oats, wheat, corn and soya flakes and again these are all organic. There's also dog food for vegan and vegetarian dogs too. Yarrah is the most expensive product from the ones listed above, but it does show that you do need to pay a little extra for top-of-the-range food.

yarrah organic not tested on animals

How much does it cost? A 15kg bag of Organic Chicken & Grains has a RRP of £77.85

Other pet food manufacturers that do not test on animals

The above companies are just a handful that do not test on animals. Other brands that do not test on animals are Antos Ltd, Barker & Barker, Benevo, Cambrian Pet Foods Ltd, CLINIVET, The Co-operative Food, CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, Devoted Pet Foods, Eden Holistic Pet Foods Ltd, Encore, Europa Pet Foods, Feelwell’s,Forthglade Ltd, Fromm and Eagle Pack, Haith’s, Healthy Paws, Land of Holistic Pets Ltd, Laughing Dog, Mariners Choice, Mark and Chappell, Millies Wolfheart, My Pet Foods, Nature Diet,Organipets, Pero Pet Foods, Pets’ Kitchen, Pure Pet Food Ltd, Roger Skinner Limited, Solid Gold Health Products, Supreme Petfoods Limited, The Dog Deli, Trophy Pet Foods, V-Dog, Vitalin Pet Foods, Vonziu Elite Ltd







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