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Just what do Dog Owners dislike about other Dog Owners?

 Mon 16 Apr 2018 by Judy

Dog owners are generally a lovely, caring bunch  of people, but there will always be the odd irresponsible dog owner who give us all a bad name.

Dog fouling – the biggest gripe for both town and country dwellers. There’s nothing worse than stepping in mess on the pavement, on footpaths and in the park. These selfish owners affect decent, responsible owners, as dogs are increasingly being banned from many public open spaces.

Dogs being left in cars on warm days - how many times do we need to be told that leaving dogs in cars during warm spells is a definite no-no? Even for a few minutes. Yet, every year deaths are reported, and many worried members of the public have confessed to taking drastic action by smashing windows of vehicles to help rescue pets in distress.

Owners that do not look after their dogs – how many dogs do you know that never go for a walk? It’s a common problem and often these pets are never vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, socialised or trained and are usually obese and unhappy.

Dog mess left in plastic bags – so, owners pick up after their dogs, but then leave the mess often in non-biodegradable supermarket bags hanging from hedges or trees, or even place the poo bags in other people’s wheelie bins as they walk home.

Owners who allow their dog to jump up – dogs love to meet and greet human friends old and new on the dog walk. But a larger excited dog bounding towards you at speed and jumping up can lead to accidents and injuries, and muddy paw marks on your trousers. And of course the oblivious owner usually smiles and comments “Oh, Fido really likes you!” Out of control dogs also annoy joggers, walkers and cyclists. It's also against the law to allow your dog to be out of control in a public place. Remember, not everyone shares the love!

Owners who buy and let go of their dogs on a whim – some owners feel the need to change their dogs due to the latest fashion trends, breeds they’ve seen on the television, to keep up with celebrities, but perhaps the saddest, due to old age. A dog is for life? Not for some owners it seems.

Owners who leave pets ‘home alone’ – yes, yapping, whining and howling dogs can be a major problem to neighbours and quite often owners are totally unaware of the nuisance and stress the noise dogs can cause.

Chav-like characters who use dogs as a status symbol or worse – we’ve all seen young males parading around towns with a ‘tough’ dog in tow, often off the lead.

Owners who allow their dogs to hang their heads out of car windows – some dogs love to poke their heads out of moving cars and admire the scenery, but it’s a major dislike and worry for fellow motorists and dog lovers.

Dog owners who breed for profit – in an ideal world, puppy farms and unscrupulous breeding for profit would simply not exist. Sadly it’s a common problem, and while demand is there for puppies,  selfish, greedy breeders will continue to breed them.

Is there something that drives you mad about other dog owners? We'd love to hear from you, so come and say hello at hello@pet-owners.org



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