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Is your Pet adequately covered for vets fees under your Pet Insurance Policy?

 Thu 29 Mar 2018 by Judy

Is your Pet adequately covered for vets fees under your Pet Insurance Policy?

Many pet owners who insure their pets often opt for the cheapest option when choosing a policy, but it may be the case that your pet is not adequately covered for vets fees under your policy in the event of a serious injury or accident which could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Not having enough cover for vets fees is generally more likely to affect dog owners than owners of cats or small furries. Dogs are more likely to have road accidents, disputes with other dogs or suffer injuries when exercising. Larger and heavier dog breeds also cost more to treat than smaller dogs, and pedigree dogs are more likely to develop inherited health conditions such as breathing problems in breeds such as the Pug, or hip dysplasia in breeds like the popular German Shepherd.

Owners of exotic pets should also consider taking out pet insurance and ensure adequate cover too, due to the high cost of treatment and the high risk of health problems often caused by the challenging dietary and housing requirements of these difficult-to-keep pets.

Why it's important to have adequate cover for vets fees

The cost of x-rays and medicines can quickly mount up

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 pets requires veterinary treatment each year in the UK, so the risk of accident or injury is a real possibility. Vet fees have increased significantly over the last few years and the cost of surgery can quickly run into thousands of pounds for serious health problems such as chemotherapy treatment or ongoing health issues such as diabetes, which in turn can exasperate other health problems. It’s therefore important to ensure the level of vet fees is adequate for your pet, otherwise you may find yourself having to make up the shortfall in the event of serious accident or injury.

Compare the range of products from an insurance cover and choose good levels of cover for vets fees
Most insurance companies offer a tiered selection of products, with levels of vets fees increasing with the level of cover of the policy. We took a popular pet insurance company as an example, and found the basic policy having a limit for vet fees of just £2,500 of cover, which in the event of a serious illness or accident would certainly not be sufficient.  However, opting for the next, higher quality product in the range, and paying just over a pound more per month, offered vet fees cover of £4,000.  So, it really does make sense to choose the better quality policy for complete peace of mind if you can afford to.

The cheapest products may not give you adequate cover

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s still a good idea to select a policy with higher levels of cover and increasing the excess on the policy in order to reduce the premium, rather than skimping on lower vets fee limits.  



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