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Common Reasons why Cats won't use the Litter Tray

 Thu 04 Jan 2018 by Judy

Common reasons why cats won't use the litter tray

Cats are notoriously clean when it comes to their toilet habits, however sometimes they can be reluctant to use their litter tray. There's a variety of reasons why your cat may suddenly refuse to use the litter tray.

You own more than one cat

If you own more than one cat, you may discover that one or all of your cats will not share the same litter tray. You may need to provide a separate litter tray for each individual cat you own.

The position of the tray is wrong

Cats are very private and discreet when it comes to their toilet business, so ensure the litter tray is in a private and quiet area of the home and well away from busy parts of the home. If your home is lacks a suitable quiet space, consider investing in a covered cat litter box which will provide more privacy for your cat.

The litter tray is not clean

A dirty litter tray is one of the most common reasons for cats not using their litter trays. Many of the litters on the market today clump together when soaked, making it easier to remove soiled bits of litter from the tray with a scoop.

Your cat may not like the litter

Cats are mysterious in their habits. Cats will happily dig in soil in the garden, but soil in a litter tray doesn’t work for many cat owners, plus soil does not contain any neutralisers to remove cat odours. Cats may develop a liking for certain types of litter, so do try experimenting with different types. Additionally some litters can be quite noisy when stepped upon, which some cats may find off putting.

Avoid using harsh cleaning products

Keeping the litter tray clean is important, but harsh products such as bleach are best avoided. A mixture of bleach and cat urine produces ammonia. It’s worth investing in a specialist cleaning product from a pet shop that will keep the tray hygienic and appealing to your cat.