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Fun and Games for Cats by Denise Seidl

 Fri 02 Dec 2016 by Judy

Fun and Games for Cats by Denise Seidl

Lovely photographs of domestic cats featuring ideas and suggestions for games we can play with them.

There are few images more lovely, this reviewer would argue, than an animal captured in deep concentration. Domestic cats are particularly beautiful when getting ready to pounce, the huge eyes and alert forward pointing ears; the body a supple and athletic machine clothed in silky fur.

This book tells us about why play is important to cats as well as being fun. As with their canine colleagues, play prevents boredom and allows the cat to get in touch with its wild origins. Different games are suggested to hone different feline skills, playing alone or with human or cat companions.

  • Training the eyes – games where the cat must watch a fast moving object
  • Skills with their paws – getting objects out of things
  • Stimulating sense of smell – catnip or edible treats
  • Using the whiskers – getting objects out of things
  • Using hearing – capturing attention by making noise paper bags etc (a cat has over three times the hearing sensitivity of a human)
  • Puzzles – to use all senses, practice dexterity and using the paws as tools and training to pay attention.
  • Climbing games – various physical benefits

A lot of these things cat owners naturally enjoy doing, bringing out the kitten in their furry friend, but it is interesting to understand more about why a cat loves to play and also see the variety of games a cat can enjoy.

This book is full of beautiful images of cats ready to pounce, in deep investigation, climbing and at play. The photographic quality is also excellent. It would make a super present for any cat lover.

Article by The Pet Owners Association

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